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Guadalupe/Railyard District (Northeast)






Located in the near northeast side, the Guadalupe District centers on the Santuario de Guadalupe, the oldest shrine dedicated to the Virgin Guadalupe in the United States. Around the corner is the Sambusco Center, the Jean Cocteau movie theater, Santa Fe's epicenter of contemporary art Site Santa Fe, and some of the town's most popular hangouts.

Nearby is also the historic Railyard District, which is set to undergo a massive transformation over the next few years. According to the community-developed Master Plan, the plan "honors the history and cultural heritage of the site embracing the 'rugged, gritty' look of the Railyard and encouraging the presence of local businesses, particularly non-profits, with a focus on arts, culture and community."

Made up of small residences, spruced-up homes and condos, the area has capitalized on its walking-distance mystique and the buzz surrounding the Railyard development. Many homes are being snapped up for renovation, but it still retains its neighborhood ethos and residents delight in the leafy tree-lined ambiance.

We are pleased to be offering 630 Alarid Street, a two-unit home zoned for live/work.

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